School Council

School Council 2018-2019

Learning & Excellence Fun & Games Wellbeing Eco Team
James (Chair)
Summer (Vice Chair)
Hope (Yr5)
James L-H (Yr5)
Phoebe (Yr4)
George (Yr3)
Isaac M (Yr2)

Josh (Yr 1)

Katie J (Fun and games Ambassador)
Ethan (Playground Leader’s Ambassador)
Sophie (Yr5)
Rhomley (Yr4)
Lottie Bo (Yr3)
Evie (Yr2)
Molly (Yr1)
Nicole ( E-Safety Ambassador)
Ella (Wellbeing Ambassador)
Logan (Anti-Bullying Ambassador)
Theo (Yr5)
Isabel (Yr4)
Vinnie (Yr3)
Charlotte (Yr2)
Maisie (Yr1)
Rhys (Eco Ambassador)
Ashton (Yr5)
Oliver (Yr4)
Gracie (Yr3)
Isaac L (Yr2)
Max (Yr1)

Werrington Primary School and the ‘Seven Stars’

Our school is part of the ‘Seven Stars’ network of schools which consists of Abbey Hulton Primary School, Carmountside Primary Aacdemy, Etruscan Primary School, Forest Park Primary School, St. Marks Primary School, Thomas Boughey Nursery School and Werrington Primary School.

On Tuesday 20th September 2016, our School Councils met at Werrington Primary School to discuss bullying and what we can do to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Children from each school shared their thoughts and ideas on how we can work together to keep everyone safe and happy in our schools. It was really good to make friends with children from different schools and to find out about all the things that we have in common, and the things that are unique to each of our school.

By the end of the day we had created a ‘Seven Stars Anti Bullying Manifesto’ and a poster to display in all of our schools.

Our next Seven Stars School Councils meeting is at Carmountside Primary Academy early in the new year. We are all looking forward to meeting up again and working on our next project.

—By the School Council of Werrington Primary School

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