Meet the Staff

Everyone who works at Werrington Primary School is a valued member of staff
with an important part to play in our school environment.

Headteacher: Mr. P. McLauchlan
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. C. Prince
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs. S. Lockett
EYFS and KS1 Leader: Mrs R. Brookes
KS2 Leader: Mr. K. Hubbard
SENCo: Mrs K. Bolton
Teaching Staff:
Nursery Mrs R. Brookes
Reception Miss. M. Carruthers Mrs. A. Welford  Mrs A. Qasim
Year 1 Miss. S. Millward Mrs. K. Bolton
Year 2 Mrs. L. Wright Miss E. Grosvenor
Year 3 Mrs C. Little Mr. M. Linley – Simon
Year 4 Miss. R. Hampson Miss G. Whitmore
Year 5 Miss. H. Turner Miss R. Dimmock
Year 6 Mrs. S. Lockett Mr. K. Hubbard
 Y1 and Y2 p.m. Mrs. N. Walker
Learning Support Staff:
Nursery Mrs. J. Tomasso  Mrs Z. Shone
Reception Mrs. S. Grosvenor Mrs. L. McGill Mrs M. Edwards
Years 1 & 2 Mrs E. Roberts Mrs. D. Bennett Mrs A. Harnett Mrs B. Challinor Mr C. Johnson
Years 3, 4 & 5 Mr J. Tomlinson Mrs G. Barber  Miss S. Richardson Mrs D. Bennett
 Year 6 Mrs. J. Adams
Wellbeing Mrs. A. Marsh
Office Staff:
Office Support Manager Mrs. D. Bradbury
Clerical Support Ms. M. Daws
Clerical Support Mrs. K. Eaton
Cashier Mrs. W. Hyatt
Site Staff:
Caretaker Mr. P. Rowley
Janitor Mrs. A. Hulme
Lunchtime Staff:
Senior Supervisor Mrs. C. Milne
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs. P. Plant
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs. C. Harvey
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs. C. Worrall
Lunchtime Supervisor Miss. S. Whitehurst
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs R. Williams
Catering Staff:
Senior Cook C. Unlu
Staff J. Proctor
Staff A. Burrows
Staff N. Shaw
Cleaning Staff:
Senior Cleaner

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